Pioneering the Evolution of the Crypto Industry through Innovative Investment, Portfolio Management and Security Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence

A whole ecosystem of Telegram bots that allow users to track and manage their investments in stocks, crypto, mutual funds, and other securities can be helpful for building wealth over time.

Offering Features

Portfolio tracking

The bot features AI that integrates with multiple exchanges and provides you with up-to-date information on your holdings and their performance. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily view your portfolio's value, return on investment, and other important metrics.

Real-time quotes and prices

Users can see the current value of their investments, as well as historical price data for a specific token or NFT.

News and market analysis

To provide access to financial news and analysis, helping users stay informed about market trends and conditions.

Alerts and notifications

Users can set up alerts for specific price points or other triggers, such as when a project reaches a certain level of volatility.

Cost basis tracking

With AI, users can track the cost basis of their investments, which is important for tax purposes when selling investments at a profit.

Tracking other wallets

Users can insert any on-chain wallet adress, and the app will output every transaction to the detail that it has made by that moment.

News and market analysis, Cost basis tracking and Tracking other wallets will be availble to holders holding at least 0.5% supply of $TAI in future*

A Whole Ecosystem of Telegram Bots

TraceAI Trading Bot

Track unlimited number of your favourite wallets in simpler and better way with an ability to copy their trades from the comfort of telegram.

TraceAI Intel Bot

Check a Token's or Market's Sentiment and Analysis, Fear & Greed Index, Train AI with influencers Wallet and Find Influencers Wallet (acts as a wallets database)

TraceAI Portfolio Bot

Track your entire crypto portfolio across every wallet you own. Explore Eth, Bsc and Arb token and NFT holdings details with profit and loss and various other useful indicators

TraceAI General Bot

Track Gas, View charts for specific coins, Global Market Data and other crypto related general stuff to be added in future

TAI Detective Bot

Honeypot checker unlike any other checker in market, find phishing websites or past scams by a wallet in past including phishing activities, black mail activities, stealing attacks etc. Check NFTs and contracts for malicious behaviour in approval requests. Verify whether a project has any audits or not.

We don't track user data or cross-associate wallets. We do not store your private keys or seed phrase.

Take Control

Track your entire crypto portfolio across every wallet you own. Manage all your private keys and sign transactions in one place

All of Web3

Access the best of Web3 from DeFi to NFTs and everything in between within a few taps

Social Crypto

Follow any wallet address, ENS handle or NFT collection to stay on top of the latest trends and tokens